Saturday, November 1, 2008


Finally at the end of the bag of apples! Canned the final batch of apple butter and dehydrated another full batch... delish! Tried something new today as well... actually a couple of things. Started a batch of gluten free sourdough starter. Also canned 6 litres of spicy carrot pickles. Amazing how many carrots you can pack in those jars when you pack em tight. Good use of a big chunk of the 25 pound bag of carrots we got at the farm last week. Plus made lunch and dinner. It feels like I haven't been out of the kitchen all day!( truly only out for a quick walk and to do the kiddos learning observation reporting) All powered by too much coffee and peanut butter cookies and lack of sleep last night. I could use a nap!


Danielle said...

How did your sour dough starter come out?

villagemama said...

It's coming! I haven't actually made a loaf of bread yet because I am waiting for it to mature somewhat! I have been using the bit daily that I take out in order to feed the starter. It has made awesome waffles, flatbread and biscuits! I'll let you know if the bread works out!