Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soooo sick!

Day six for me with hardly enough energy to get out of bed. Fevers, gross snot, no voice, such a sore throat and just general shittiness. My poor littlest guy is a day ahead of me and I just pray that it doesn't turn into pnumonia. Poor little bug. We have been keeping hydrated, vitamin c-ing ourselves, taking herbal teas, bone broths and resting a ton. Even have been trying hydrotherapy. We are exausted! Papa bear is in bed right now just getting it. Oldest has been flappy and crazy all week and is finally getting it now. He has always moaned with every single breath when he is sick. He has done it his whole life! To top it off he has a serious humming stim these days. I am super sound sensitive and it is almost sending me over the edge!We cannot afford to miss any work at all and I feel so bad that that is a stressor for him on top of being sick. There is absolutely NO WAY that he can work if he gets it as badly as I do. Fingers crossed that we can keep the boys out of the hospital. With the asthma issues I am never settled when they get a bad cold. Poo -pee-doo!

Good sign of impending winter... a bear got into the compost a couple of nights ago. It threw the top off, busted off the top slats of wood and took three fence sections with it. I wish I had seen it!

Oh yes! ... just cause I am curious! Who are you regular readers? I'd love to look at your blogs too! Write me a note to say you dropped by!

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Miranda said...

Hey, I'm a regular reader. Hope you're feeling better really soon.