Sunday, November 23, 2008

Impromptu hike...

The neighbour came over to return a couple of baking pans and mentioned that he was about to head up into the woods. We were in the middle of sorting our bookshelves.... complete chaos... and begged to tag along! Went for about 8 km up to a beautiful waterfall and into an old copper mine. So amazing!

I finally decided to go into the mine myself and these are what were all over the walls. Only slightly creepy!!! Eeek!

Also had a chance to harvest some oregon grape root. I am going to try to use it to clear up my psoriasis over the winter. It was much easier to harvest now than it was in the spring. I still have some from that harvest but I have been using it reluctantly because I was afraid of running out. It is a lot of work to scrub and chop up before drying so I am so thankful that the actual harvesting part was a little bit easier!
On the reading list right now... A Midwifes Tale:The life of Martha Ballard based on her diary 1785-1812. Really really enjoying this book! I read almost half of it in my first sitting.

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