Friday, November 14, 2008

Must be on the mend...

I MUST be on the mend by now. I still feel like complete poo but , thinking positive, I must be on the mend. I am working with a good friend of mine who is a master herbalist. She has given me some pills that make my burps smell like vicks vapo rub! Surprisingly refreshing! Waiting a couple more days until I resort to antibiotics. Still spending most of the day in bed with warm tea and plugged in the rabbit ears for a little dose of mainstream entertainment. Too exausted to even read a book... I've resorted to watching home improvement shows, oprah, and celeberty gossip!lol Oh well. It should be short lived!

Went for a walk into town to the library ( hoping for a good book to come in. Ha ha!) to bring back the 15 overdue books and check the mail. The littlest guy was bopping along, bounding down the sidewalk , head down in his own little headspace. An elderly woman, trying to be playful, jumped out from behind a building to scare him. He ran in sheer terror into my arms and had a classic autie screaming fit. He was rocking back and forth in my lap, shrieking and yelling that people are stupid ( blush) and she got down to apologise. I let her know that it was alright and that it would be best if she just kept on moving... as I am trying to keep the fists and feet from flying in her direction. I know she was just trying to be playful and fun.... but you never know what kind of child you are scaring ya know?! I am sure that people don't try to go out and scare the autistic kids... but you can't always tell that kids on the spectrum are in fact on the spectrum!!! Sadly, I then get the judgement because of my childs" bad behavior". Usually he is coping all right these days , but when he is still recovering from being sick and just in a mellow mood, it's not the right time! It has taken him a good part of the day to recover.

Funny how people think that it is ok to get in a childs space in a way that they would never ever dream of doing to an adult.
I think that I may add a book list of what I am reading at the moment. On the go right now... both at once
~Plant Technology of First peoples of British Columbia. ... Awesome book about the first nations use of local plant materials. I use a lot of local plants medicinally but the feild guides were missing these practical uses ! Love this book!
~The Revolution will Not Be Microwaved. Sandor Ellix Katz. Loved his book Wild Fermentation. So wonderful to find a book that puts my philosophy about food into words. Love this guy!

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