Friday, November 28, 2008

Getting busy!

Lots of family visits coming leading into the holidays. It is nice to see some family thats for sure!

I haven't been coping well with stress lately. Feeling snappy and tired and irritable. I don't think that being cooped up in the house with that sickness help any of us!!! Trying to get in an hour of exercise during the day and it is helping immensely. My mood is just heaps better!

Elder son took a big leap this week and we used the learning funds to sign him up for a circus arts class! It is his first class ever at seven years old. He is really excited and a lot anxious as well. His sensory difficulties have made classes and playgroups and even attending regular fun shows and events absolutely miserable in the past. There are a couple of other neighbourhood boys in the group and some of the older homelearning girls in the neighbourhood are long time circus performers in the group. They learn juggling, poi,diablo, tumbling, hopp and ariel fabric along with developing characters . The course is for 10 weeks, 2 hours per class. I am crossing my fingers that this will be a wonderful experience!

The boys are getting stressed about Christmas. I both love and loathe this time of the year. My youngest came to me the other day and said " in the movies and books Santa has a sleigh full of wrapped presents. How come he only brings a stocking to our house?" . We can't afford anything extra at Christmas... literally the only gift we do is a stocking... from Santa. Usually we buy a family gift after Christmas of something we need if a relative kindly has given us a bit of cash. It has worked great for us so far. Christmas is truly for being with family and a midwinter celebration ( which I always explained to the kiddos as a celebration that people in history made to celebrate making it halfway through winter and pulling out some of the food stores to share with others so everyone can feel abundance... you know... days getting longer etc.) Anyways. It is weird for us. We truly can't afford to buy things for our relatives or give more than a card. People take offense at that like we don't care or love them. I dunno. This time of the year can be depressing even when I am not desiring to be a consumer.

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