Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Had an impromptu trip down to my folks this week( a one day trip with a friend who is a professor in the city)... 6 hours in the car , and too much anticipation was just too much for the boys. I think that they get glutened every single time from feeding the dog a million biccies and all of the doggie kisses that come after. The last few days have been pretty trying! It was still fun though. I took them to the arena to pay in the snow.... then they rode the escalator a million times in the mall giggling like mad! Grandpa was fun too!
Now for halloween plans... youngest insisted that he was going to wear a pumpkin ON his head this year... It work out surprisingly well! Eldest is still on the Greek mythology obsession and plans to be Zeus. We made him a plywood lightening bolt a sheet as a toga, and a wreath on his head made of ivy. I told them that I will take them trick or treating this year and will trade them their goods for a small Playmobile toy. Just for the experience of it all. I will probably pick them up some sort of allowable sucker and a piece of good chocolate as well. But in the meantime? The Great Pumpkin of course!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Backdated Tofino trip

We finally made our way out to Tofino for a day trip this summer. While I had been before , growing up on the Island, my hubby had never been. It ended up being a chilly day, but was gorgeous anyways. The road out there felt a bit sketchy though... people who are used to it sure drive fast! I sure love the coast!

Going to rally up the boys to get up into the bush for a bit today. Hoping to have caught the tail end of the chantrelles... maybe grab some oregon grape root while we are there. Get out the rain gear!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Finally back!

Just hooked up our new, used rebuilt computer! That only took us , what...6 months to save up for? Soooooo nice to have a computer again. Missed the music and online documentaries most of all. Homeschooling is so much nicer with it too!
Busy and lovely ( short seeming) summer, really crummy gardening.... life just flying by! Here are a couple of piccies! ( I had to BEG the boys to let me get a photo of them for Great Grandma. Youngest is hardly ever seen without sunglasses these days... both indoors and out)And... we have a household friend! This is our sweet little indoor bun! She is litter trained and just the sweetest most playful thing ever. A military woman got called off to duty and couldn't keep her anymore. The boys benefit so much from having her around. Sweet little snuggle bun!