Friday, October 22, 2010

Finally back!

Just hooked up our new, used rebuilt computer! That only took us , what...6 months to save up for? Soooooo nice to have a computer again. Missed the music and online documentaries most of all. Homeschooling is so much nicer with it too!
Busy and lovely ( short seeming) summer, really crummy gardening.... life just flying by! Here are a couple of piccies! ( I had to BEG the boys to let me get a photo of them for Great Grandma. Youngest is hardly ever seen without sunglasses these days... both indoors and out)And... we have a household friend! This is our sweet little indoor bun! She is litter trained and just the sweetest most playful thing ever. A military woman got called off to duty and couldn't keep her anymore. The boys benefit so much from having her around. Sweet little snuggle bun!

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Miranda said...

Welcome back to the internet! Nice to see you posting again.