Sunday, August 26, 2007

Catch up!

Ugggh! Time is just flying by! Busy weeks... busy weekends!

Last weekend we went to a 3 day music fest in our tiny little community. It was so wicked! Headlining , were Corb Lund, Michael Franti, Sarah Harmer and Xavier Rudd. There were too many other fantastic shows to mention! We were so incredibly tired by the end of the weekend that it took the whole week to recover. The kiddos fared really well for some severe over stimulation. We brought earplugs, snacks, blankets, games and the wagon for them to crash in... festivals sure are different when you have a family!

This weekend has been catch up ... as well as prep for the start of the " school year"( pulling together goals for the year with a very loose plan of attack!) and a trip we will be taking in Sept for a family wedding. ( as well as the garage sale we are attempting to pull off sometime before we go!! Ahhh!)

Not on my list was an impromptu flannel board for my little guy who is showing an interest in letters( finally at almost 4! I am sure this will be mastered quickly) Made them from some flannel bits I had hanging around and a white board, taken apart and recovered temporarily with fabric. For well under 5 dollars I put together packages of upper and lower case letters as well as some numbers to go along with some other flannel story pieces we have tucked away.. Looks like it will work anyhow!

Friday, August 17, 2007


So with a kind collaboration of birthday funds I purchased myself a little something special. I had my eye on a turquoise pendant for about six months now. It was in a tiny import store in our small town... I was drawn to it because it was imperfect in shape and a much different piece of turquoise than I had seen. I kind of loathe the colour turquoise... don't know why exactly but it does not appeal to me. This pendant was more green with a lighter , almost illuminated center.Absolutely beautiful to my eye!

Through research... of course I do it after the fact right... I see that the green turquoise isn't as desirable ( OK... cool.... but I like the green which is enough right?) Turquoise changes colour and richness when worn as well. It used to be thought that a change in colour meant that the wearer was thinking thoughts of infidelity, or that there would be impending death or something! Now it has been seen that it absorbs the oils in our body because it is a soft stone. The lower quality stones absorb it more readily. My stone has changed SIGNIFICANTLY since I got it. It has gone much greener with some bits of brown in it as well. ( I have to say ahead of time that I do not use any cosmetics , lotions, or perfumes that could have contributed to the change.

The main reason for this post is that, mysteriously,appearing in the middle of the stone.... where there was nothing before.... is an oval ring. It is green in colour and pretty darn obvious. I had been wearing it for about two days when it appeared. there was no " sweating" or dye appearing on the surface( I don't know?! imagining the jeweler trying to cover it up or something!) It definitely looks to be a natural part of the stone. I was disappointed a little... I don't buy myself things like this ever. It was a lot prettier without the " thing"! I took it to the store where I bought it , to show the owner. I don't know why! I wouldn't want to give it back or get ,y money back or anything. She was really weirded out by it... she said that it is " very eerie". She thinks that it is very special... ( it crossed my mind as well... I did try to search for symbolic meanings! How flaky new age of me eh? What is this trying to tell me!) She is calling the people whom she bought it from tonight to inquire anyways! Hmmm. very strange? What do you think?! ( I had trouble getting a good pic... my cheapo camera is pooping out on me.)

It is about the length of a double A battery for size reference. The mysterious " thing" is about the size of a peanut.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Dealing with two sick kiddos right now... Went to the doc locally.... who isnt in until next week. I only needed the steroid med perscription because the packs I have left are expired. I walked up to the pharmacy... usually they can do an emergency prescription filler, but since we havent been in the file for a year and a half he couldnt do it. Thats what we get for not going to doctors regularly I guess! We have been sent to the walk in clinic , but it is in the next town over. Had to organise a car share for this evening. Both of the boys have been uber pathetic looking today. Looks like we will be hooked up to the neb for the next few days... cross your fingers that we keep them both out of the hospital!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

And yet another lazy Sunday.

Another laid back day today. Went to the playground to practice bike riding this morning. It has been super slow going. T just isn't into it at all... one of the last 6 year olds who still has training wheels. Complained to my dad today how much he hates bike riding and would rather play chess. When I got on the phone he told me that Ive raised a nerd! lol It takes all types right?! It looks like we have some extreme hair dying happening this afternoon. T begged for green and A chose blue. I am not really super into the idea... but why not? What 6 year old doesn't want green hair? Tonight looks like we will be camping in the backyard... don't know if I am super into that idea either! I like to think that I am pretty adventurous... but the fact that our backyard is on a huge slope, bordering the marsh full of mosquitoes, not having proper camping mattresses( and my back and neck are in bad shape already for some reason).... and the first of the blackberries are ready. The forest right in our backyard is fondly known as Bear Park. Hmm. Sounds FUN!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

New piercing...

Made a trip in to town today. While my hubby was getting himself a new piece for one of his piercings I chatted up the young woman that was doing the piercings today. I was just inquiring... but oops... spontaneously decided to get it done. Fresh vertical labret... ( pretty sad pic, but I am more than usually unphotogenic tonight!lol)