Sunday, August 5, 2007

And yet another lazy Sunday.

Another laid back day today. Went to the playground to practice bike riding this morning. It has been super slow going. T just isn't into it at all... one of the last 6 year olds who still has training wheels. Complained to my dad today how much he hates bike riding and would rather play chess. When I got on the phone he told me that Ive raised a nerd! lol It takes all types right?! It looks like we have some extreme hair dying happening this afternoon. T begged for green and A chose blue. I am not really super into the idea... but why not? What 6 year old doesn't want green hair? Tonight looks like we will be camping in the backyard... don't know if I am super into that idea either! I like to think that I am pretty adventurous... but the fact that our backyard is on a huge slope, bordering the marsh full of mosquitoes, not having proper camping mattresses( and my back and neck are in bad shape already for some reason).... and the first of the blackberries are ready. The forest right in our backyard is fondly known as Bear Park. Hmm. Sounds FUN!!!!

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