Saturday, November 15, 2008


Finally got my hands on some kefir grains again! Luckily a generous online mama was able to send me some in the post. Sent her some home made curry powder to try to make it worth her while!( Thanks Sarah!) Love the stuff! So yummy. I didn't do it justice when I described it to be like" effervescent baby spit up"! LOL gross! It is so yummy chilled though, and in a smoothie. I love it with fresh orange juice ( since we are financially not always in the position to buy tropical fruit these days though a scoop of frozen juice concentrate will suffice!) a spoon of honey and a little bit of vanilla concentrate... it tastes like " melted orange ice cream" according to my littlest guy. I use any extra kefir for baking that calls for milk. My littlest guy who doesn't seem to tolerate plain milk very well seems fine with the kefir. See the pretty calendula? It is the very last thing in the garden that has survived the frosts.

Voted in the local municipal election today. Couldnt decide which was more socially irresponsible... not voting, or exposing our sick ases to the masses! The neighbours encouraged us to vote. It is thier fault! My 7 year old asked me who I was going to vote for. When I told him that I was going to vote for councellors who cared about sustainable development and local environmental issues he rolled his eyes at me and said " of course they wont get in. Its politics, and what polititions care about is making money. Saving the environment isn't going to make anybody any money mom." My little cynic. Jaded already. Or maybe logical to a fault! I want to be a " cup half full" kind of person darn it!

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