Friday, November 7, 2008

Out with a flu bug

It's been a long week of yucky sickness around here. Mostly just a cold type of bug with chills and fever. The littlest guy was barfy for a day. We are slowly recovering but if we exert ourselves the fever seems to come back.

A good friend of ours was getting rid of this dresser on freecycle this week. It had been on her porch for ages and she could smell mouse pee. I could smell it faintly but I wonder if she had some other association with the old smell of the dresser itself. Anyways... we rescued it. Toting it up the street on a skateboard! Realising that we have gotten most of our furniture this way. Our leather couch came from a wealthy neighbour and after hours of massaging the darn thing with shea butter( no joke) it looked gorgeous and rich again. I think it just needed some moisture and a good clean. Our desk came from another neighbour and weighs about 300 pounds. It is the old switchboard desk from a nearby island and still has the switchboard instructions inside one of the drawers. A thick plank wood coffee table that weighs about 100 pounds that I hauled home along with two kids in a stroller!Anyways. The list goes on from rescued linens, kitchenware and lots of other goodies. Even if we couldnt afford to buy any new furniture we live in such a cozy space because of these treasures. I feel so thankful! ... Back to the dresser. I bleached it and vinegared and essential oiled the darn thing and planed off the big sliver bits on the front. I got out the beeswax polish that I use for some of my woodworking and buffed it all up. It looks great to me!

Made a batch of purple cabbage sauerkraut today. My gluten free sourdough starter is starting to bubble... as is my ethiopian honey wine. Keifer is going on the top of the fridge and a crock of ginger carrots is lacto fermenting in the corner. I have
stock simmering on the back of the stove. Life is pretty darn good!

( I'll tell you about my missing ring in another post... but I'll keep things positive here!)
I didn't lose it in the sauerkraut!

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