Thursday, November 20, 2008


I think that we got glutened. I wasn't sure because we have been sick and all... the kids have been so wild.My oldest is verbal stimming all day long ( he hums, but absolutely cannot control it) and my youngest has that pale look with huge dark circles and he is angry and miserable. We bought a new brand of oats.... I should know better, but after a couple of years of careful introduction of certain foods the kids didn't seem to be reacting to a certain brand of oats. The kids have been eating them for the past couple of years. Recently we switched to a super big box store grocery store because we just couldn't afford to shop locally anymore. I picked up the organic package of oats quite a few times and kept refusing to buy it, opting to make a special trip to get the ones we were used to. A few weeks ago we just picked up the darn bag of oats from the big store. I made a really nice batch of granola with it too trying to make a nice frugal breakfast option. Anyways, I think that it is contaminated with gluten. Which sucks because from experience it takes about two weeks for the kids to recover from a small exposure( and they regress in some areas which we have worked hard to get past).

Good reminder for how much going gluten free changed our lives. I don't think I could handle this all of the time.

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