Sunday, July 22, 2007


Trekked into the next town over today in search of blueberries! We had seen a sign on the main drag advertising the farm, and some " famous fainting goats". When we got there the U Pick was closed... its been raining for almost two weeks straight now( was pouring for at least half of the trip today). The berries didn't look nearly ripe. Maybe another week or two? What a weird summer! Not feeling satisfied, we decided to risk trying the old highway and going to a farm stand.... usually they at least have some local stuff there. At least from BC. About 12 km from home, on the highway, the whole arm of the bike pedal flew off. Thank goodness we found the bolt to get it back on! I was not looking forward to walking the bike and trailer all the way home! Borrowed an allan key from the corner store, but we needed one a size larger than what anyone had. Had to tighten it by hand every 1/2 km or so for the rest of the way home. It was a fun trip anyhow.... the farm market had berries, but they were 5 bucks a pound! So we bought a snack and some herbs ( a whole year supply of bay leaves fresh! yippie.... sooooo much better than the crappy store bought herbs!) and made our way home. All of us are tuckered right out!

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