Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good bye Auction house

We went to the farewell party at the old auction house in our village today. It has been there for over 25 years now, and is a hub in our community. Every Friday night the streets are lined with cars, people stuffed in this old theater. It has been bought by a developer who has plans to recondition it, back to its original state. We got to tour the whole building... uneven floors, strange rooms, creepy basement and the old projection room. It all really needs work, but I hope they really do fix it! The acoustics are absolutely amazing in there! Sad to see the Auction go though... it really adds much needed energy to the community.

Earlier today the auctioneer invited the kids in to run around in the empty building ( great when all of the breakable antiques are out of there!) They have seen the kids literally every single day since they were babies. He had tears in his eyes! He pulled out a gift for us that he found in the depths of some box in the basement. It is made of leather and has a real black widow spider inside... he actually gave it to my boys, but it is wayyyy to big for them ( so I bought it off of them lol they are happy with the money.) Sweet!!!

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