Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lazy Sunday

A little under the weather still. We decided this morning to head down to the park and check out a show and shine old car show that was going on. It is about a 3 km trip.... generally on Sundays we have been going long boarding.... meeting with a group of youth and a friend that owns the skate shop, to take advantage of a new suburb that is in the middle of construction. There are great hills and newly paved empty roads. Both my partner and I have long boards. The kids usually bring their regular boards and our littlest often rides my partners board. He sits gripping the front while my hubby rides it regularly but positioned behind him.
So today we brought the boards on the walk, feeling a little low energy and enjoying the lazy ride on the downhills. When we got to the car show we could see that there was a kids area set up with a bounce a rama thingy... the boys were super stoked. But when we got to the gate they wouldn't let us in... because we had skateboards. We were asked to leave them outside the gate ( ummm.... no way! there are hundreds of people around. We are car free... we value our transportation!) When we inquired why we were told that they were afraid that we were going to scratch up the cars with our skateboards. Not that it really matters, but there were strollers and wheelchairs which could easily scratch things by accident too. Our three year old piped up " I have an idea... how about we just not ride our skateboards on the cars then?" LOL ... So we turned away, with teary kids. Interesting lessons in there anyways.... Some people looked afraid to look at us even, avoiding eye contact just because we were carrying a skateboard in our hands... imagine that!

I spent most of the rest of the day cleaning out the fridge, cooking a wonderful meal... and reading 8 chapters of the first Harry Potter book out loud. We are so bad ass! Ahhh. lazy Sundays!

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