Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally a little bit of sun!

We've been fighting a bug for the past couple of days. There is some sort of nasty bacterial lung thing going around. I can't help but jump to the thought that it is whooping cough season. It seems like the adults and youth are getting it more often as thier vaccines lose effectiveness. Oh joy for the neighbourhood full of un vaccinated kids!
We tucked in yesterday with a stack of movies, garlicky popcorn and lots of homemade cherry roobois iced tea. Burned a lot of antibacterial essential oil and took some herbs... woke up feeling quite a bit better!
Hopefully we blasted though this one! As I dusted off the nebuliser and did the med counts I realised that the boys havent had any hospital visits since Christmas... Asthma seriously ruled our life there for a while!

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