Saturday, July 28, 2007

A tribute to our homes

This is especially for the mamas! A tribute to the home.
I have come to notice that many of the homes showcased, here and there and everywhere, are all typically beautiful. Great colours, perfect furniture, well designed homes. There didn't seem to be a place for people to show their regular homes.... the places we live in and love ( well.... maybe love to hate!) every day. This is for the people who live in rental homes ( arrgghhh... the awful wallpaper, colours, carpeting and in our case disrepair we live with!) The people who can't afford to plan our spaces from the catalogues. The people who make a home with whatever they have to work with!

We have been in our rental for five years now. It is a 120 year old house that was built by the mining company to house their employees. I don't think that the landlords have done much of anything for the past dozen years or so... and I don't know that much was done in the decade before that! We moved here with very very little ( think college student turned family living on 1200$ a month! ) and have been thankful for freecycle, hand me downs from neighbours and thrift stores. Over the next couple of days I will give the tour (it is 780 square feet... it wont take long!) It may not be what I would have chosen if I got to plan my whole space from start to finish, but it is my home, and I spend my days in it. This is where my boys were raised ( one from birth) and now are home schooled. A tribute to my humble home!

Ill start with my kitchen...

The craft shelf... which has no other spot to go other than the kitchen!

And last but not least.... I had to showcase the beautiful wallpaper!

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Rob and Mandy Brelsford said...

I love your home! Rob's Grandmother just had her memoirs published of growing up in Whyte's Bay - it's an excellent little book for a look at what life was like for the miners on Comox Lake and a bit of life in Cumberland. I'll show you some time - I like the old pics.
More importantly I hope your little guys are feeling better!
Take care happy family,
Love Mandy