Saturday, July 28, 2007

Garage sales...

My guilty pleasure! The gold mine for homeschooling friendly goodies, craft supplies, games, books and all sorts of other treasures. Lately I have taken to grabbing a mug of coffee, taking out the mountain bike and heading out by myself... my ME time for the week! It is usually really mellow out that time of morning. Generally there are only about three garage sales in our small community... and beware... the vultures are out! I fool myself into thinking I am too sweet to be " one of them". But in reality, I am ! It can be dangerous out there. You can see people break into a sprint, Afraid to miss that one good deal!!! I won't even go into detail about the dealers.... Grrr, those dealers! I find it funny anyhow: a good people watching opportunity and some time out for myself. The things I look for are typically bypassed by others anyhow!
Didn't find anything on my morning outing today. Had to head out to pick up the pay cheque though, and next door was the gold mine garage sale. I had to bypass a lot of cool stuff... Our house is tiny and I am trying to de clutter! So my score of the day?... a large box full of candle making supplies. 35 sheets of different colours of beeswax, multiple sizes of spools of wick, cutting mat and tools, ribbon and wrapping material for gifts, a jar of that gel stuff to make floating candles and a full bottle of nice essential oil lost in the bottom of the box! 10 bucks! Hubby found a really nice copy of a Sufi text that he loves and little ones found a hand carved wooden gazelle and a wooden piggy bank... only a buck added to my 10 for the other three.

To garage saleing.... making our life feel very abundant on a shoestring!

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