Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Under the rubble...

One thing you will surely discover about me is that I love old stuff. Especially antique kitchen utensils and tools. I am such a sucker for real glass citrus reamers, wooden sauerkraut slicers, stoneware crocks and the list goes on. The best part is, that I actually use them. There is nothing around these days that comes close to the quality of the things that are close to 100 years old... really, do you think that half of the big box store crap will be usable in even 10 years? For me, because I actually USE my tools, the Sprawl Mart stuff breaks within a week! Esthetically, the older stuff is so much more organic, and pleasing.


So today I took on the monumental task of unearthing my sewing machine from the pile that has accumulated on top of my sewing desk. Under piles of Electrical textbooks, and crap loads of other junk ( why is it that my bedroom is the messiest room in the house?) I could finally see the top of the desk! I tackled the drawers before I even flipped the machine up from its hiding spot inside. I separated needles, from clasps, organised buttons and thread, and put everything in its newly designated spot. Finally to bring out the machine!

It is an old antique Kenmore... nothing fancy, except for the pretty silver scroll work over sections of the body. I was so drawn to this machine when I saw it at a flea market for the first time. I couldn't afford it ... flea market vendors really overcharge around here. A week later I found the same type of machine, but this time with a really nice wooden cabinet. I bought it for an incredibly low price... so thrilled. When I got it home I discovered the drawers filled with sewing notions. Thimbles, special feet, needle threaders, oil can, neat little tins filled with things and packages of needles ,some labeled with things like " All Purpose Needles. Farmer Assortment, especially designed for rural residents" I dreamily tried to imagine the old owner.

The machine is a workhorse. It only does the single chain stitch ... but is it powerful. Its a little frightening actually. I am not one for speed, but after time became comfortable using it.

It got buried over the past year. I was into making these hand stitched Waldorf dolls for a while. I abandoned the machine and painstakingly spent 12 hours on each one ... people want and love them that way. After making lots on order from lots of neighbours I had to stop ... the homeschooling became priority for the school year... and my hands couldn't take the long hours of sitting and stitching anymore. My machine was still forgotten though until this weekend when I was checking out another mamas practical goodies that she was whipping up on hers. Sweet sleeves, cloth TP and lots of other quick and easy projects.

Funny enough I had just found all of my supplies to start a hand stitched quilt.... literally stitched by hand, not machine! So the machine may stay unused for a little while longer... but in the meantime, it is ready and waiting for me!

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