Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time for a booster seat finally!

Littlest one is up another TWO pounds this morning! This totals 4 pounds in the last three months. The last couple of pounds have gone on in the last three weeks or so. There was a lull there in the middle when we were all sick and I even think that he had lost a bit of weight. Anyhow, that is almost a whole years worth of growth in the past 3 months! I had been so worried when we cut out dairy, that he would lose weight and not thrive... looks like we found the culprit. I was a little bit worried about a month ago because it looked like he was regressing and losing the new skills that I had seen at the beginning. He was moody and angry a lot again and retreating into himself a lot more. Over the past week or so I am seeing the improvements again. He even played with the one little boy that he couldnt even be on the same block as before. If there was anyone that could throw him into an instant meltdown it was this sweet little guy with no personal boundary sense! My guy would see him coming from blocks away and freak out. Last week we saw that he was in the teeny little store that we were going into. I immediately said that we would just hit the store on the way back insted. Little guy said " No ... I think I can handle it!" . My jaw almost hit the floor. He DID handle it, and then they played for a minute out front of the store together.So shocking. And awesome!
So he has gone from being completely off the growth chart to the 25th percentile in only three months( and has finally hit the milestone where we can get a booster seat for the car). He has gained 2 or three years of social skills in the same amount of time. My other son showed this drastic of an improvement when we cut out gluten 4 years ago. Now hubby wants to cut dairy for him as well and see if some of the lingering behaviors start to improve as well.

Really incredible. The sensitivities definitely are genetic somehow and cause neurological symptoms. Looks like autism... but autism doesnt just go away. We are by no means " cured", but we are able to tolerate life and navigate the world sooooo much better now. I think that they are going to find a " new celiac" type of genetic issue with gluten and casien. I have been pointed towards metabolic/ mito disorders but just am not finding a match... even though my gut says that something like this is going on.


Miranda said...

Wow, that's a fabulous improvement! Especially with the illness in the middle. My 6yo is still patiently waiting to outgrow her car seat, but at 36 lbs. and holding it's not going to happen any time soon.

melissa said...

We had the same growth spurt happen when we took out dairy, too. All of a sudden he had an appetite and *boom*!

villagemama said...

It really is amazing! I really havent even noticed that he has eaten more. It really seems like his absorption has improved.
I have really been enjoying your blog by the way Melissa. You travel through my neighbourhood I grew up in , so I even enjoy it extra! Your little guy is such a cutie... so nice to see other families similar to ours!

Your little one is such a sprite Miranda! She really is petite. Poor kiddos get such pressure to be out of the carseats when they are the last of the kids thier age still in one.

melissa said...

I did not know that people not related to me read my blog.. hehe. Island girl? Right on ;-)

I'd definitely agree about the absorption. The only other thing that has made as much difference for us, foodwise, is cod liver oil (which is gross, but awesome for language development - our guys' biggest challenge right now).