Thursday, March 5, 2009

Still no pay....

And it won't be anytime today. Hopefully they will come through tomorrow. One week late. I guess that it is a good thing that I paid all of the bills with the money we had before last payday, but it left us with no grocery money at all left over because we were expecting payday. I have stretched the last two week shop into a three week shop. We spent 50 bucks of our final tiny bit of money left on asthma meds on the weekend and had enough to buy water and eggs and onions. I have awesomely stretched out what we have in the pantry, but it is running super low. Maybe we have enough to get through the weekend before we run out completely. So here I am crossing my fingers that everything will just sort itself out. I was trying to search for labour rights and such to see where we stand or what our rights are or how to cover our butts here. Essentially , if the company can't pay out, my hubby took the gamble of continuing to work even though he wasn't paid ( because all of the sudden there are NO houses being built and a ton of tradespeople are out of work... he feels happy to be employed at all and reluctant to put himself in the position of losing the job) so as of tomorrow he will be owed for two pay periods ( payday again next week). If they can't pay, we are completely screwed. And it isn't even like we are unemployed! He is still out there working a normal 40 hour workweek! Enough bitching about it, but It worries me that a ton of people may see themselves in this situation. At least if you get laid off you can get the ball rolling for unemployment!

Ridiculously enough the boys have over a thousand dollars of learning investment money that I need to spend within the next 9 weeks we have left of school reporting. ( I have to show receipts and the purchases need to match their learning plans in some way, so it is not as if it is OUR money... just to clarify !) We have met most all of the age required ministry outcomes for the year and are trying to figure out where the funds are best spent. Our learning consultant has given the suggestion and go ahead to purchase a video camera for my oldest son as he has been into photography for a long time and has been spending a ton of his time making movies with the video camera function on his camera.

So there is something completely bizarre about purchasing a 300 dollar video camera for your kid when you don't have groceries in the cupboard!lol. Truly this is out of my hands, but since I am not a big consumer in the first place I have this weird sense of guilt! So great to have this funding and it really insures that the kids learning needs/ desires are met. We would never be able to provide them with such wonderful ( read excessive!) resources.

So if you see us at the food bank documenting our adventure on a brand new video camera... life is funny sometimes!

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