Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Still no good news. My hubby called and told me that there is no guarantee that he will be paid this week at all. So that totals up to 2 grand that we are owed. I called him back suggest being laid off so that we are at least guaranteed some money for rent if they lay us off retroactively to the point where they couldn't pay us anymore. The only other option is putting a lein on the business owners. We have a car payment coming out on the weekend and will have to find some sort of loan so that we don't default. We really shouldn't be put in this situation... it is the business owners responsibility to find the money somehow. They should get a loan. My hubby feels badly because they are all in the same situation. I don't feel the same way. They are business owners and should know to keep a buffer for payroll or at least have proper insurance so that thier employees arent put into this situation. They put THEMSELVES in the situation if they don't have enough for thier own groceries. It was thier choice if they haven't made proper business decisions and risked that for themselves. They don't have hungry families at home that this is impacting. I am pissed. There is NO OPTION for them at this point. We NEED to get paid by Friday.
My brother just got laid off from one of his jobs and is struggling himself. He has suggested that he buy some meat and bring it over and I will cook up so we can have something yummy. It is nice to be able to band together anyhow.

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This Mama said...

Try calling your car loan company and ask them if you can skip a payment. They should let you if you call far enough in advance (a couple of days).
We have had to do that before. Jeez I wish I had a load of cash, we are on EI right now while Rob is in school.
But try the skip-payment ... oh I agree with the ask to be laid off thing. I am so very sorry to hear this guys.