Friday, March 6, 2009

Not today either.

The bosses talked to the main contractor/ owner of the project and used the words " hungry, families, food bank," and he said that he would be back with the chequebook. They asked again today and he somehow has left on vacation for the weekend now. The other employees went to the food bank yesterday. They know that it is a lot harder for us to use the food bank because of the food issues. They don't usually have much of anything that is gluten/ casein free... besides, dry grains and legumes are the only things that I DO have. We are in need of some protein sources and something fresh.... fruit and veggies would be nice! I searched out in the bush for nettles today but only found two tiny little heads/ buds. It is calling for snow tomorrow so I don't think that I can hope for nettles as greens for at least another couple of weeks!
I have some sort of cold/ flu bug and felt that I just needed a little something. I harvested some Douglas fir needles for tea ... it is soooooo delicious. Lemony, fresh and yummy like a Christmas tree!

My hubby just called me into the bathroom to check my littlest guy who has a huge cluster of spots on his lower torso. I am not sure what it is yet... I will have to wait to see if they develop a blister or not. My hubby hasn't had chicken pox. I want to crawl into a hole for a little while ok? lol

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This Mama said...

oh my bank for you guys but he goes on vacation? Do you want Rob to call his company up there and... possibly do a switch in companies? That is why our lives changed big time - the union.