Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last nights festivities

These lanterns are all made out of cloth. It is the first year that the festival has been completely outdoors. Usually it is indoors for the actual lanterns. There have typically been a lot more lanterns and the festival runs for 3 days or so. This year was only one and quite small. I think that our teeny town is having insurance issues because so many events have been cancelled or really scaled back.

A lantern tree with hundreds of lanterns done by children.

A huge rattan lantern on a burner .

Ok... it was really tricky to get a pic of these. They released about two dozen lanterns into the sky. It was so pretty. A little nerve wracking because it was really windy... the firefighters only had to put out one fire!... but that just made it exciting!

It was a beautiful night with a very very cold wind. The kids did really well in the crowd with only oldest growing increasingly jumpy and flappy and maniacally giggly as the night went on. Youngest one deals with it all by wrapping in a blanket all the way over his head and snuggling up in a parents arms. It was a late night for them!

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melissa said...

oh wow!!! awesome. victoria has a lantern festival (Luminara) in the summer, but i've never managed to actually *be in victoria* while it was going on yet.. heh. very inspiring, though :D