Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Scooby Doo time

Both of the kiddos have been sick for a couple of days now. We have been tucking in and staying cozy. The kiddos have a deal with me that we can rent Scooby Doo when they are sick so we rented a couple yesterday. They used to have an issue with the Scooby Doo thing and were obsessed with the topic. For our own sanity we put limits on it... The sickness idea is working well!

I have been up through the past two nights giving nebuliser treatments... I am so tired! My oldest son moans with every single breath when he is sick. He really can't control it. He does it all through the night too. when he was a baby he would moan for about half an hour before falling asleep.. every. single. time! My mom thought that it was crazy and she had never heard a baby do that before. As he grew he only does it when he is sick. It has driven the nurses/ doctors/ patients crazy if we have had to go for treatments at the hospital... especially when he starts to scream and panic every time he feels a bit of a drip from his nose.

So the poor kid. He feels so incredibly shitty. He has moaned through two nights now and that has kept me awake besides having to be up to administer the meds. In the day, in between the moaning on every breath ( you know... I may be exaggerating ... in the day as I am listening now it is only about half of the time) his stims get worse... stim number one? Humming!!!! On every other breath!!!! So I hear a moan... and then I hear a little ditty.... then a moan.... then a little ditty! OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! I truly am trying to be compassionate. I love that darn kid. But truly I am losing my mind! On top of it I am getting sick too.

It is nowing again, and windy. I need to call the fire chief and see who has a backup generator. Where we have to go to use the nebuliser if the power goes out. I have some emergency med backup but it just doesn't work well for us for some reason.
Hoping the kids will just sleep most of the day... heres for wishing right?!

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