Sunday, February 1, 2009

Long week!

Well... everyone is still sick. Oldest son had a fever for three days straight and an awful cough. Young son came down with it shortly after that. He had a fever of 104 yesterday and al through the night. It finally broke this morning. His cough is something awful and he feels really crummy. Now he has the runs... maybe too much vitamin C? (I know that there was a tummy/ barfy flu as well as this coughing fever one going around last week at my hubbys work) Hopefully not a tummy bug on top of everything. Poor little guy!
Hubby put out his neck on friday. He has been completely immobile since Saturday afternoon and it looks like he will have to miss work tomorrow. We are all a mess over this way!!
Good news is that I put everyone in front of some movies, put on dinner and got a total of 6 hours in the workshop today!!! I made 2 beautiful pendants and really had a great creative session. I am hoping to work with a local artist on trade to put together a tutorial pamphlet on how to use a hairfork along with a couple of styles to start out with. It snowed again last night and the workshop is unheated... still I can see the light of spring ahead and am looking forward to getting in the shop when it is comfortable again.

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