Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yay sun!

We have all been feeling a LOT better with a bit of sunshine lately. We saw the beautiful yellow crocuses that we always look for this time of the year under a tree on our walk into town. Hooray! So good what a little vitamin D will do for ya!

I think I have let the greyness get to me along with the other minor bumps along the way. I have been secretly down in the dumps because two of my favourite, closest to me families are unexpectedly moving from the community. My " go for coffee in my PJ's, or borrow an egg at 9 at night neighbours" are moving shortly. I will miss them sooooo much. We don't have much privacy because the houses are so close together. You can see right through the playroom and kitchen... as well as right into the bathroom, from their deck. I was used to an elderly woman there before who never came out there. The neighbours now could just tease and yell at us to put some clothes on... or stop making out... lol... if we didn't shut the curtains. So I am pouty about that. The other family moving is my other favourite family ever. My friend who is a master herbalist, one of the most gentle and kind people I have ever met and their lovely little guy who is also a homeschooler. Anyways. It feels like those guys are the only people around that really get me, and my whole family. I am a bit of an introvert so I really cherish those few people that I bring close. I feel a little lonely already , before they even go! This will make for an interesting summer

Plugging away anyhow, making plans for a big garden this year. Awaiting the nettles and violet flowers that really let me know that spring has arrived!

Thought that I would pass along a little frugal tip that I have been using lately. We only shop once every two weeks... sometimes we get in once a week if we don't plan well. The only trouble with that can be that veggies don't last well for the entire two weeks. They are plentiful right after the shop but things like tomatoes start to go mouldy after a week or so. I have been making cultured salsa, Nourishing Traditions style, through the winter months when the tomatoes are out of season, expensive and just not as stable of a purchase. The salsa is super yummy ( well, with modification in my opinion) looks pretty while it sits out and does its thing, and preserves the freshness of the veggies for the gap between shops. It is great with cooked beans or eggs and is super yummy mixed with an avocado or mango with some corn chips. I know... bad bad because it isn't local! I can get avocados and mangoes super cheap in bigger amounts this time of the year because they are in season close to the equator. And the kids love them! I actually find it more frugal than other produce this time of the year... and they go perfect with the rice and beans!

Anyways. If you use your search engine to look for " lacto fermented salsa" or "cultured salsa", there are lots of variations on the recipe. There is something rebellious feeling about leaving food out of the fridge for way longer than seems reasonable and then eating it and not dying! I love fermenting foods! not dying... that is so rebellious! I almost died from food poisoning once, so letting go of my food safe training is a bit of a big step for me!!!!

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