Monday, January 19, 2009

Paw prints!

Went for a beautiful sunday walk yesterday in the sun. Walked through the orchard and down through the marsh in search of panderosa pine needles. I have had an itch to try out making a basket. I have to wait on other natural basket making supplies until the other seasons! The snow still hasn't melted much out here... it is -5 right now... and has formed a really hard crust over the top that you can walk on top of. We walked to the old coal hills and did some boot sliding down the sled runs. The bald eagles are around right now and we have been seeing a lot of them. They are hanging out in the tree stands at the end of the road chattering back and forth. Lots of beaver tracks out there! We brought the animal tracking guidebook with us to see what prints we could find. There were TONS of cougar tracks! We found some tracks and some scat running down the side of our house.( 5 feet from the front door!) I know that they are around here and all, but it is still a little village and don't usually get them right in town. Supposedly they had reports of one around last month and they had the cougar hounds out. And I get teased by people for not letting my kids explore the woods out back by themselves!

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