Thursday, January 22, 2009

Circus family...

Well, we used some of older sons learning investment from the homelearning program to join a kids circus arts class. What a fun course. I need to bring the camera next time! We are on a mission to learn how to juggle. My little guy would love to try contact juggling. I have been on a mission to make as much equipment as possible. We only had one set of juggling beanbags that we were sharing so I dug out the scrap fabric bin( I save scraps of old clothing and such from when I was making recycled waldorf inspired dolls) and a needle and thread and whipped up a set for myself. I think I will make my littlest guy a set with a piece of furry cowprint fabric that I have tucked away with no imaginable purpose... maybe a leather set for my hubby? A fun no cost project! I used some very old rice that was in the back of the cupboard for years and years that noone really liked. So I guess that i cost pennies! So we have been just hanging out cozy at home with another winter cold... determined to learn how to juggle!

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