Saturday, December 20, 2008

Latest creations...

Had to get down in the shop this weekend to do a commission piece for a friend in time for Christmas. Hadn't been down there in a while because it isn't heated and we hadn't had the funds or time for piddling away ! Fun to do a commission piece though... had some wood left over from the project so I made myself something!!! So excited! This was my great grandmothers ring but I never wore it because it is a little blingy. It has white gold on the top but yellow gold on the bottom which isn't my personal favourite. I am also not dainty and love big jewellery, so it was put away in a safe place for a while. You know... those awesome vintage family pieces that are pretty but not really your style. So I modified it today and made a cocobolo setting for it. I think it worked out awesome and am considering it to be my 0$ Christmas present to myself!!!

Bracing for another big snowstorm. Might check out a solstice fire show and labyrinth tonight... but it is getting windy and the windchill doesn't make it inviting. Happy Solstice All!

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