Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Into the new year!

I wanted to get a good piccie of the boys and the weighted blanket to send to the mama who sent it for us. But under the circumstances that they use it, it is actually pretty invasive that I am taking a pic at all! lol ( post screaming tantrum pic anyone?... how insensitive!)

Or it captures us all too well... Zoning out with a headlamp on?( santa found these LED headlamps for $5 this Christmas... exactly what the boys asked for!)Pretty much captures us perfectly!

What I really want to say though... is that the blanket is fabulous!!! What a great addition to the household!,

Quick pic of our youngest little guys favourite creation for breakfast. He created this recipe and loves to make it for himself... and usually one for his brother as well. He calls it " yogourt cake" and it consists of plain yogourt, home made wild blackberry jam, raisins and pecans. Yummy!

I bought a turkey with the last of my Christmas grocery gift certificates the other day. The turkeys all go on sale after Christmas day and they sure are a great value for how much meat you get. We had our very own Christmas dinner ( with our favourites) mid week. Ready for leftovers today! We are one family that doesn't seem to get " turkey-ed out"!
How is that for a random scattered post?

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