Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kindergarten in a day?

My littlest guy got a new workbook with his school funding on the weekend... A book full of Canadian kindergarten curriculum ment to satisfy the ministry guidelines. He woke up yesterday morning determined to " finish kindergarten in a day". He worked all day ( minus a walk to the post office and dinner and lunch!) until bleary eyed he excitedly came into our bedroom late last night to declare that he had indeed " finished kindergarten"! All 120 pages finished to perfection.... this is one little determined kiddo! I pulled out a Grade 1 book that I had in the cupboard ( because my oldest guy never touched worksheets. He is more of a " discussion " type of guy!) and he quickly did 25 pages of that. Thank goodness this one is over 400 pages long. He states that he would like me to bake a cake to celebrate his acheivement! lol Silly monkey! I think that I have underestimated him all of this time. His brother is gifted and extremely verbal... in a little bit of an in your face kind of way. It is a little bit hard to ignore and garners him a lot of attention. His little brother is mischevious, a little rude but has a wicked sense of humour and a talent for building just about anything. People don't tend to notice his abilities at all and instead focus on the negative things... The overtly obvious sensory difficulties and aspie qualities( people don't take kindly to a kid that constantly runs in circles or hides under things growling at everyone in busy public situations.... or " hates babies" and says mean things that hurt feelings. sigh) that people " forgive" his brother for or just chalk it up to him just being smart and eccentric. For my little guy, I think that I was beginning to fall prey to that way of thinking after hearing people say it over and over. I love those guys!

To the topic of yesterdays rant... I am feeling a little embarrassed or ashamed for even complaining!( for some reason my blog is coming up when people search " payday loans" lol now I feel a little exposed.) I was reading on a message board this morning that some people in the States are paying up to 1200$ a month for thier medical. We live in such a privileged area of the world. I think I have entitlement issues or something!lol I am humbled by how many kind people there are out there and reminded how much of the positive that I have in my life....

Thank you for your sweet offer Meli. I really appreciate your comment. I noticed that you are an Island mama too... are you local?


meli said...

Yes we are 10 mins south of Courtenay

This Mama said...

Sweet, tell him I hate babies too
"high five" ;)
(I am just in a jack ass mood... pay no attention to me).

I think your boys are wonderful!!

This Mama said...

I just wanted to add - now that I have read your rant post that I am in a much more sober mood. No need to apologize for the rant! I do the same thing on my blog (then apologize ;)
but you have to be real.

Is C a part of the union at all?