Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quick dinners

Spent the day out and about today. Hit the thrift stores( how impossible it is to find a new water canner this time of the year. Mine rusted out on me and I have mango chutney canning in the plans) and then spent a large chunk of the day out at the fish and game club getting our membership in order.What a BEAUTIFUL property! As obscure as I still feel it is to be a member now, it really is possible for it to be a perfect fit for our family. The archery facilities are soooo super cool ( I will write more later I am sure, but it involves an archers cabin with a woodstove, a frizbee golf style 3D archery trail and a pretty all round sweet set up!) as well as opportunities to volunteer for some pretty amazing environmental conservation initiatives and helping with thier hatchery. We spent a few hours looking around ... the most fun was an area in progress where they are building a " cowboy shooting" area, with an entire old west town ( saloon, houses, jail, general store etc) for these crazy timed cowboy shooting competitions. Wild stuff!

On these days I just don't have time to cook like usual, so we resort to something quick and simple. Today... hot dogs. Our style though. Gluten and dairy free smokies, home made sauerkraut, bread and butter pickles I made yesterday ( baby cukes from the farmers market and organic sugar and aple cider vinegar!), caramalised onions,chopped tomatoes. All of this we wrap in a nice big leaf of romaine lettuce ( grain free yummy!) Then we break out whatever condiments we like for on top. Hand cut fries on the side! Fast food dinner in our house.

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Heather said...

It's great to join in on the archery fun. We've taken part in archery "lessons" with our homelearning group at our local fish and game club and the mentors are fantastically enthusiastic, all the kids really loved it. We've set up our own target here with a couple hay bales and a thrifted stuffed duck to shoot at (also hilarious if you know our family). ;-)

Your fast food dinner looks delicious - hand cut fries...yum!