Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Papas mother has been in the hospital for three days now. Without going into personal details, she has been really ill for a while now with freaky symptoms and no answers. I am awaiting the phone call this morning regarding her brain and spinal cord MRI. Fingers crossed. To top off the stress, papa bit into dinner last night and the tooth( the one that has been bugging him for a couple of years now) cracked in half. Lucky for us, the 6 month pay in for the dental plan just finished last week... talk about good timing. The copay will still be a large chunk unexpectedly for us this month ( especially considering we racked up over 100 bucks in chiro visits, got the fish and game club membership and payed our archery pass for the year. Gahhh. those were supposed to be our unexpected costs for the month!). I literally sent my hubby off today with the change scrounged up to pay for it. I have one chicken in the freezer left and one dozen eggs ( plus a pound of organic chicken livers and some bones for beef broth) until payday a little over a week from now. I am going to have to be SUPER creative. I figure if I cook the chicken up I can stretch it for about 5 nights worth of food ( If I split it into three portions and freeze the cooked meat) plus a good pot of chicken broth. If I use the eggs now I can freeze a few loaves of bread in the freezer ( cause I do have 3 kg of peanut butter in the cupboard?) and that will be the most economical way to use them. Good to have had the really frugal times because now I can look in my cupboard and not panic too badly when this happens. Just praying that we don't have to drop everything and somehow get to papas mom anytime soon.

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