Sunday, May 9, 2010


Papas birthdad came for a visit this weekend. We always have a great time together and his visits are much anticipated by everyone. We had good food ( too much) good drink ( anything is too much for us lightweights) and fun conversation. A great part of the weekend was heading out for the first time to use the archery range. Grandpa had told papa that he would be bringing him a much beloved bow of his for a belated birthday present. He has been so excited... practically sleepness in the nights leading up to it. When he showed up, he actually bought ME a bow as well so that I could be included in the fun( he even looks like santa a bit!). How cool is this! I had made plans of knitting and carding wool under the eves of the clubhouse... which I would have enjoyed as well... but this is super duper cool! We went to the target range to practice and I was so struggling with the bow ( it wasn't really set up at all. no knock point, arrow rest in the wrong spot, and the string wasn't set up properly... fun to watch me fumble with that ridiculous set up). I am so stubborn, that in my frustration I will just become more silently determined to MAKE it work. So this camoed out army general guy yells at me " Excuse me!!!... what are you doing?" and he comes up right in my face square in front of me and takes my bow. I could feel all of my boys bristle and grandpa was right in next to me ready to intervene at a milliseconds notice. I was all very odd and intense, and if you know me I am a really solo" go off and figure it out myself" kind of gal. Think stomping toddler " let me do it myself!" I relaxed as much as I could manage and tried to hear this guy out. I could tell we didn't like each other much right off, but he kept through and forced a lesson on me. Thank goodness! It was the hugest blessing ever that he was there. We warmed up to each other a ton after a handful of minutes , and after 5 or ten minutes of his interfering ( lol) I shot 6 arrows in a row straight into the bullseye. He took me to the long target and I wasn't so great, but got them all in the bag in a straight line right down the middle. Pretty sweet! Anyhow I am so glad that this guy was there. He taught me a style that is perfect for me , and a set of actions to follow that reminded me of the Japanese ritual archery... like a meditation. We also checked out the 3D archery trail. What fun that is... exactly like frisbee golf but with bows and arrows! You hike up the trail and the beginning is marked. Everyone looks around for the target and the boys shout out " its a raccoon!!!" or " Its a cougar!!!! in complete delight. Twisted I am sure... sorry to my vegan friends! I can't wait to go again. I finished the day with a super relaxed stoned feeling ( I get that after spinning wool too) ... a sure sign of an activity that is good for my body and mind.

Tring to finish up my backlog of school reporting this week... in between a new knitting project that I have started. Last week I had finished a simple contemporary shawl thingy which I absolutely love ( I will get a piccie this week) and when browsing patterns I fell for another shawl dealy. I had seen the finished shawl before by the designer on Etsy, but it cost over 300$. Beautiful though. While browsing furthar for design inspiration I saw that she offered the pattern for sale. It was pricy for a pattern, but I splurged and spent the 8 bucks as a treat to myself for mothers day! So I am just in the process of starting that ( 420 beginning stitches makes it feel like you are starting it forever, even though I have been working on it for hours already) Nice to be excited about a project.

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