Sunday, April 25, 2010

another month?!!!

Trying to plug through the end of the " school year" here. I am behind on everything! There is too much to do! Gardens to make.
The boys are really into archery right now and we have outgrown backyard practice. I am considering building a target in the meadow down the road against a clay bank and doing practice there... but it looks as though we are going to have to get a membership to the local rod and gun. Which is hilarious! ( if you know us!) But they have a private beach on the lake, a stocked lake for trout fishing with the kids, and a beautiful archery trail ( frisbee golf style) through the forest, as well as camping. And you really can't beat the price. 85 bucks for the entire family for the year. As far as the cost of doing things with the family, that is super duper cheap for the perks.My hubbys dad is bringing him a bow as a birthday present next week, and he just found his old hunting number from when he was younger. My hubbys boss from years back would love to have him as a hunting partner. They are both really concious people... not the good ol boy hunting type, and they will make perfect companions. We will probably all cry when he brings home a deer, but will be thankful for the good meat and hide and bones.
We found morels yesterday!!!!! I have never found them here before ( someone told me that they dont grow here... classic morel hunter keeping thier secret so they can have them all to themselves!) and we are planning an expedition when my hubby gets home from work today. I dried what we found yesterday and they dry really quickly overnight. How yummy will that be , to have morels to use next winter! I hope we have luck again today!

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