Sunday, May 10, 2009

More wool!

Happy Mothers Day all!
I finished about 65 yards of plyed yarn on the drop spindle last week, my second try using it. It was great and turned out beautiful. I am having a hard time taking pictures, as the colours aren't coming out quite accurately. It was a bit tricky to spin any quantity using the spindle, especially since I don't have any equipment other than my hands and a little creativity. It worked out in the end!

The woman at the local wool shop has still offered me the use of her wheel in the store, but I haven't had the time to get in there... store hours aren't really conducive to me being kid free. Even though the kids love the wool shop, I am not sure that I could relax and focus much with them there. So I have secretly been lusting after a used spinning wheel, but with a laid off hubby, and not much ( if any!) dispensable income, I just lusted without attachment! The used wheels I have seen are going for well over 300 dollars. I just had faith that something would come my way if I was supposed to have one, at a cost I could afford and at the right time. We went for a forest/ beach walk today for a mothers day jaunt. I am still under the weather with very little energy. It feels like I work up a fever whenever I exert myself the teeniest bit. I was feeling pretty crappy, but requested a quick stop into my favourite thrift store on the way home. What do I see right the second I walk into the door? A spinning wheel!!!!!! Not priced or anything as it had just come in the door. The woman that runs the store gave it to me for 40 dollars!!! I went out of there with the biggest grin on my face.... and my hubby had that laughing look on his face, because I seem to have that kind of luck when it comes to thrift stores! We don't do gifts for many holidays other than the biggest ones... not really even birthdays. It is just too expensive to buy things just for the sake of buying things. It kind of felt like the universe gave me my mothers day gift! It is perfect and simple... but still has those nice lines that I appreciate. We oiled it up and tightened the belt and it looks wonderful. If I can get up enough energy, I will be using it this evening!

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