Monday, May 18, 2009

May day

Had a busy day today... parade, petting zoo, bike ride to the lake, fire and art in the backyard. A fine day to end the long weekend!

I came home the other day to find an odd package on the doorstep: a plastic bucket with a note in it. I read it as " I came to throw these paint filled ballons at you".... but it actually said" I came to your house to throw these paint filled balloons with you" . OK .... lol. I was wondering who I had wronged there for a second, a nd confused about why they would leave them for me.... to throw at myself?! Inside were a few dozen paint filled balloons left over from a close friends art class,( homelearners dream to have a freind who is an art teacher!) along with some pieces of cloth to splat them on. Fun stuff! It took a couple of days for the boys to work up to the activity. Since they can both be a little bit sensory avoidant they came up with the plan to sandwich the ballons in between the two pieces of cloth so that they wouldn't have to get too messy. Here are some pics...

This picture somehow sums up the boys all too well! One child who is over the top enthusiastic ( works with all emotions these days though... ) and the other ( check out the sweet get up! ... not sure what is up with the homeboy look) looking at the balloon, wondering if he can get out of this somehow and not able to imagine how he can possibly come out of this without getting messy. This totally makes me giggle to look at it.

Big brother handled most of the stomping in the end. Pretty cool project I must say!

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