Friday, November 27, 2009

Sad turn of events

In a tragic turn yesterday night, the papa bird died suddenly. He took a bite of a toxic plant when he came out. As always we beat ourselves up. I knew that the plant was on a toxics list... he had accidentally nibbled a leaf before and I put it aside in my head that it must not be too poisonous.( kind of like poison control for babies where they actually have to eat a ton of something for it to be harmful). Last night though he bit into the rib of the plant and died within minutes. There was nothing at all we could do. He died in my hands. We were all devestated. I was so worried and still am for his mate. They are best friends. I cant even put into words how close they are. Her sad calls for him last night just reduced us all to tears. We went and bought some bird formula just in case she has trouble feeding them. I am still unsure of how it will go because he always fed her. If we come close to her she makes little nibbles in the air waiting for someone to feed her. She is eating this morning though, and I watched her feed the babes. We took the plant out in the night last night and buried him with the boys. So sad.

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