Thursday, November 26, 2009


The dyeing didn't quite go as planned. All I have access to here right now are the Dyson dyes. I was experimenting really! I had really good success with the other wool I dyed as it turned out nice and dark and super saturated. I tried the Dyson Cold dye at first but it didn't take AT ALL. I had washed the fleece really well this summer , so I didn't think that it was because of the lanolin. I ditched the cold dye for the time being and just used the colours that I had in the regular dye. Too bad because I was looking forward to a bright leafy green in there too. When I was dying the rest of the wool the tips were taking the dye, but the rest wasn't. I thought that it was going to just become a learning experience, but as it is drying the colour is looking a bit brighter. The opposite of what I have experienced before! Not my favourite colours necessarily but will make a really cute baby sweater or something. I can't wait until spring to get into natural dying. I am much more drawn to the colours I could get from the natural dyes. Outdoor dying is appealing to me as well!

We have guests coming this weekend. Papas sister ( second time we have met her) and she is bringing her mom who we have never met. I am planning on an East Indian feast of some sort! Any excuse to put on a spread!( and since I have to cook more " boring" stuff for the kids usually!) So cleaning, grocery shopping and meal planning are in the cards today. National Geographic videos online have been my best buddy this very very rainy week! Oh the shame!

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