Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We have been trapped in the house with very bouncy children because it has been pouring rain all day. We got about 3 hours of sleep between waiting for the kiddos to finally fall asleep and the boys waking us up about5 times through the night asking if the easter bunny came yet and if it was time to get up. Easter bunny brought allowable gluten/ casien/dye free treats ( hence being sugared right up!) , a mason bee observation nesting box and life cycle poster, gardening gloves, seeds... and bug/sunscreen lotion for when we bike through the marsh to the lake!
Now we are all crashed and sleepy... enjoying a supplementary cup of coffee and a square of 85% vegan chocolate! Yummers! The sun is peeking out at this very moment and I am contemplating running out to work on the garden.
We picked up some fish compost and bone meal yesterday from papas old boss. He didn't charge us at all and gave us some fantastic gardening advice and told us to come back next weekend and he will help cut us some netting for deer fencing and give us some bedding plants!. Thank goodness, because I had no idea how we would manage it all this year!
Happy Easter all!

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