Sunday, April 26, 2009

End of a nice long weekend!

Another weekend in the garden again! Today we made a plot for the echinacea in the front of the garden, weeded the rhubarb patch and built a fire pit. It was beautifully sunny and I think I got my first burn of the year... even though I was wearing sunscreen. Yesterday we went for a wander down to the marsh... we spent a long time in a secluded spot just sitting there watching. The red wing blackbirds were putting on a show with their mating ritual, the ducks were out, the frogs were active. We spent a while digging some early spring burdock. Boy those are a pain to dig! They were delicious though, quick fried in a pan with other root veggies and braggs and sesame oil.
Papa is still of of work, though some should be coming soon. We went to the beach last week on a weekday. Secluded and gorgeous. Another day we went to the docks in the next town over and looked at all of the sea life. The jellyfish were thick! There are definitely some bonuses of a few extra days off.
Here are a couple of pics of the week. Here is my toilet super hero. He has been wearing these all week.

The garden with the netting up... isn't so pretty, but we make do. The neighbours don't mind! Besides , it will look lovely when everything is green. Everything looks a little drab in the spring!

Our fire pit trail run. Should be fun. As usual it is all scrap material! It ain't no show home!lol ( I think we are going to take it apart and do it up proper... maybe a washing machine drum one?)

And our treat. When I was a youth my friends mom used to make these banana treats in the campfire. They had chocolate and marshmallows I think. Since we don't do the refined sugar thing, and I haven't yet perfected my own marshmallow recipe, we do ours a bit different. We cut the banana , spread some peanut butter or other nut butter and a drizzle of honey. Then you sprinkle on chocolate chips( except youngest who hates melted chocolate) and maybe some crushed nuts and chopped dried fruit. We wrap it all up in foil( arg... I hate using the stuff... this is the only thing we ever use it for) and nestle them into the coals. We have done them in the oven too. Cook it until they are all gooey like a hot banana custard. If we weren't casein free I bet it would be good beside some vanilla ice cream!

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