Saturday, December 22, 2007

Called to attention

Feeling a bit melancholy this time of year. The consumerism part gets to me. I can't help but look at the toy, that innocently got broken a day after recieving it, and feeling ill thinking of the lasting impact that it will have on our environment.

The boys recieved a sweet gift from a local yesterday... trying to enjoy the gesture and not to be a party pooper... BUT... I was mortified while reading the package inserts and seeing the warning to go to the doctor immediately if the " water" -looking substance gets in your eye or on your skin. What on earth are they putting in these toys.... for CHILDREN!!!!!! Honestly. If there isn't somthing safe, biodigradable to use in order to make this toy.... then it shouldnt be made period.

Our greed is making us sick. It is killing our mothers and children. We are poisoning our bodies . We are damaging the earth , that which SUSTAINS us!!!!!!!! When will we wake up??

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