Saturday, February 9, 2008


A loooong gap between writing! And sadly this time I don't have juicy gossip to offer! Life is just busy I guess! Between homelearning and the day to day home life I just haven't had the energy to write anything! The weekends are full of errands, fun hikes, lots of cooking and the climbing gym these days. I am starting to feel quite a bit better thanks to adding more raw foods into my diet... it really appeals to the creative aspect of my personality. I always enjoy creating somthing in the kitchen.
I'll just add a pic of todays yumminess! Raw key lime pie
with frozen berries on top ( can't wait until berry season again!!)

Nothing like seeing your little guy gobble up some yummy goodness with a side of green juice!

Not shown on todays menu was raw cinnamon buns, and raw thai " stir fry" of marinated veg ( baby bok choy, red bell pepper, carrots, portabello mushroom and mung bean sprouts) with peanut sauce and cashews warmed in the dehydrator... yummy! I am the only one eating this way and have noticed wonderful results... like my nails growing in normally finally!( bad psoriasis from the painkillers after my biking crash! My nails look all pitted when my gut is bad) The kids and Papa partake when they want to, but mostly I cook them up somthing yummy. ( like a delicious lamb curry that I will surely sneak a bite of!)
Ill be back soon!

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