Sunday, September 30, 2007

My baby is four!

Another long time between entries here! We just got back from a two week vacation in the Okanagan Valley. We went especially for a family members wedding , but were really happy to spend some extra time there as well. Got to cruise the old " hood" and check out all of the old hangouts! It sure has grown in the past five years.

We came home to fall in full swing. It has been pouring rain and pretty cool as well. The house was just so cold when we came home! We caved and turned on the furnace ( I like to keep it off until the end of October if I can help it) . We also had to put up the dreaded plastic on the windows. I hate the filmy look and lack of fresh air, but the house is too drafty and too much of an oil guzzler without it. It feels nice now, especially with the addition of an electric heater in the living area. Its the first time I have felt really warm and cozy in this house ( 5 years!) ... a big difference from the first couple of years when we could only afford to heat the house enough to keep things from freezing... you could still see our breath! Its not always enjoyable to have to wear hoodies and toques and multiple layers in your house all winter . As much as I am for energy conservation an all!

So today we are all getting over a bit of a cold. It is really raining and windy outside still... a real chill out kind of day! We used the rental car for the last day we have it , to head out to the farm for some harvest veg. They werent in full swing yet, but we picked up quite a bit of goods for super cheap... made some delicious juice to help boost our systems, and a huge gluten free carrot cake for the birthday boy! I cannot believe that he is four already! My sweet little bug!

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