Thursday, September 6, 2007


The morning adventure so far consisted of me trying to somehow get a bird out of the house. It flew in a doorknob hole on the back porch... we always have birds exploring that hole! I frantically paced the kitchen with a towel in my hands waiting for it to land somewhere. In my mind I remember something about the darkness calming the bird enough that you can gather it in the towel to take outside. I got it under the towel a couple of times but it wriggled its way out trying to bite me the whole time. I admit I wasn't exactly feeling confident about the whole thing! I felt all panicked inside while it flew all over slamming into the window and flying up to the fan and every high spot ... wrecking my towel plan entirely. In the meantime it had scared birdie diarrhea all over every surface of my kitchen. I resorted to opening the backdoor and repeatedly walking through it while making cooing baby talk trying to " show" him the way out and coax him through! Good lord! lol some technique that is! Happily he did find his way out! And we all cheered!

On another note... the landlords are coming by today to take care of the HUMONGOUS chunk of the chestnut tree that fell off into our yard. Thankfully we weren't out there when it happened!. They seemed a little annoyed that I called them about it... but I want the rest of the tree checked out to make sure it isn't rotten. And besides... with my gibbled arm and no chainsaw... or truck for that matter... I have no idea how we would remove it anyways. This pic doesn't do it justice... the trunk part of the branch that fell is at least twice the size of my trunk. The fence is completely snapped in half in a couple of places. Now there is a huge bite out of this beautiful old tree. it has created a nice little nook though to sit under.... that is the only shade available in our yard all summer, so that is a bonus!

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