Saturday, September 1, 2007

Another exciting week flies by...

We hired a babysitter for the first time last weekend on a whim. Decided to take advantage of the break in the weather and head out into the forest to enjoy some of the local mountain biking trails. It is so beautiful in the mountains.... with all of the rain this summer the mushrooms are flourishing already! So the crappy part is that I took a pretty hardcore tumble over my handlebars and plowed through the dirt. I am not sure what i hit... but i went down hard! Clint heard me hit twice and looked back to see my bike hit me on the way past and land a good 6 metres in front of me facing the opposite direction. I started to get up but couldn't really. I kept blacking out. I fully passed out twice... one of the times had convulsions. I kept vomiting everywhere. Finally after about half an hour the blacking out joy subsided and we were able to hike out of there. After a nice ER visit I came home to enjoy a nice week with the boys one armed. Looks like i will be in a sling for up to 6 weeks. A week later the brutally bruised ribs and various other minor injuries are looking better... the arm/ shoulder/ upper surrounding area, are super sore still. Oh well... at least it was something that WILL heal though.

on an updated note A( littlest guy) woke up barfing this morning. Not looking so hot. I hope we don't all get it!.
Hope this week is better!


Lissa Lane said...

HOLY HELL!! I am so glad you are ok! Sounds like quite an ordeal

Rob and Mandy Brelsford said...

Oh my lordy Kim - hope you heal up quick! My goodness!!!