Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring cleaning.

I think I have been a little ( maybe an understatement!) down in the dumps for a bit here. Overwhelmed! Things seem to be lifting though. I think the whole asessment process gave me a lot of clarity and also rallied a bit of extra support , which I really needed.
Yesterday I spent the entire day doing some spring cleaning, only managed to do the kitchen. Our neighbour redid his entire property last year, including levelling his entire yard and levelling the huge slope in his yard. They had the bobcat going for the entire summer last year! We got the joy of a huge increase of dust in the house. Since I was pretty darn overwhelmed and pretty immobile with the joint stuff, I didn't get to ANY of the deeper cleaning all year. I felt like I was doing well just to keep the surface stuff livable! So I did every single nook and cranny of the kitchen.... washed walls, moved and cleaned underneath and behind everything, dusted the ceiling , washed the floors... everything. It feels so different in there! Clean and fresh and ready for spring ( kind of like my mental state right?!) Put up the window shelving to find some space to start seeds for the garden! Yay!
Things just feel on the right track again. Sprouts, ferments, flowers, plant starts, good creative food again. Whew. So nice to feel that fog lifting! Really looking forward to spring.
Spent the morning watching homesteading videos with the kids, planning and learning how to use the second hand greenhouse we got last year. Just about to dig around in the crawl space to find some pots and trays, and dig out the seeds to see what we have to look forward to!

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