Thursday, February 17, 2011


We finally decided to go for an evaluation for my eldest son through a private psych. Last meeting she handed me the book " Aspergers Syndrome and Your Child". She said that the final report will have that in the notes with " probable ASD " or something of the like. Then we go through the pediatrician and Speech and occupational therapists to confirm if we would like to go for full ministry Autism stuff. Sounds a bit scary. I still need to talk to some other moms about that I guess. It sounds as though you are assigned a social worker ... which I would liek to hear a bit more about. The psychologist was eying my younger guy, wondering when we will get him evaluated too. sigh. I know full well that they are both on the spectrum.... but still... It is pretty overwhelming. I am so happy to have some recommendations in place, and all of it written into his learning plan. The supports, even with homeschooling , are going to be helpful... not to mention that it will be in place if they ever go to public school.

Eldest has been going to a weekly after school program with the local kids for an environmental club thing. I was hoping that it would be helpful for him to meet more people. I know the mom who teaches the class and she tells me that he is doing great. I peeked into the class the other day and everyone was in a circle thing with the chairs. He had his pulled back from the group by about 10 feet. I kind of hate it when people tell me " he is fine... doing great" when obviously he could use a little more help or encouragement. I feel like they are just thinking I am overly concerned and trying to appease me! My son told me that everyone stares at him all class, but nobody talks to him.... but " thats ok , because I prefer being alone anyways". Meh. Not exactly my intention when trying to encourage social outings! Always a bit of a shock when you hear that he is doing well, but when you finally observe the behavior it seems the opposite.

We are doing well anyhow. My health stuff is still a mystery so far.... with a few things ruled out now, I am going to a rhumatologist to rule out ( or likely confirm) a connective tissue disorder. All of my symptoms actually fall under the umbrella perfectly. Since I have lost strength over the last year from feeling unwell, my joints have gotten progressively worse. They are all super loose and floppy, going out many times a day. Both the physio and chiro have been commenting on how super hyper mobile I am. I was so active before that my muscles were really helping keep me all stabilized! I have had these issues from birth... so this would be a huge relief to finally have a diagnosis and have a plan in place to get strong again! Hiking and biking , here I come!

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