Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time is flying!

Things are busy and flying by around here. Night walks and sledding in the snow, Christmas community events and all of the rest! The baby birds are full grown already and are sleeping cuddled up on the perch with thier mama... funny little things!
Things have been a tad intense around here lately. Eldest son came into the bedroom late the other night in tears. He was laying awake in bed thinking about the purpose of our existance and the " point" of it all. An eight year old in the middle of an existential crisis. Those parenting moments that you don't quite know how to handle properly, then worry and fuss over it in your mind for days later. Gah! I wouldn't be surprised if the boy developed an ulcer , all of the worrying he does.
Putting together the norfolk pine houseplant" Christmas tree" tonight I think. Pretty casual here this year. The first time in a while though that we are doing it by ourselves. I will definitely miss being with my family. Looks as though we can afford new tires for the van by the new year if we are really frugal. Then we can make our visits in January.

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